Business Opportunity / Problem

Bristol-Myers Squibb needed to understand how patients with metastatic melanoma and their HCPs were discussing the disease at various stages from diagnosis through treatment. This would help the company market a new class of treatment it was introducing, immune-oncology, so as to align with these populations’ motivations, perceptions, and low awareness of immune-oncology.


Employing actual domain experts as listeners, Asentech conducted social media sensing to analyze unbiased patient dialog across social media and advocacy forums. We segmented this huge volume of data using advanced ontology and mapped key insights to patient journey milestones — uncovering key elements of dialog that enabled truly relevant educational content for patients and HCPs.


Our client was able to use these insights into their patient marketing collateral as well as the sales objection handler guides that were built for their Sales Reps. The cross-team collaboration between the brand manager, our team and the consumer agency ultimately delivered a more thoughtful content guide for patients and empowered their Reps to integrate patient voice in their communication plan with the HCPs.