We are now the era of digital transformation where publications are now becoming less and less relevant. However, you should know about digital publishing. It is all about transforming written material into digital form so that it can be read and consumed using electronic devices.

Even newspapers have understood that it is essential and do digital publishing parallelly along with their mainstream newspaper publications. Magazines, Journals, Company Reports, Books, etc. are also impacted by digital publishing, and you can find and read about almost everything digitally.

In this article, we will be exploring and speculating about the digital publishing trends to watch for in 2019. Just like any other market, digital publishing is as competitive as it gets. The audience is evolving, and it is vital for digital publishing companies to stay afloat with the trends. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

1. More growth to subscriptions based services

It is no doubt that the majority of the readers are online. This makes subscription-based services a viable option. The trend has been building up slowly in 2018, and it will continue to grow in 2019. The beneficiaries here are the big publishers who already have a subscription model in place. New York Times, for example, is already earning more from a digital subscription that the advertisements that they earn through print.

These media outlets are also employing different tactics to improve their subscriptions based services. For example, they are offering packages with different services such as Starbucks, Amazon subscription and so on.

2. Short videos

Another significant trend that we can see more traction in 2019 includes the use of short videos. These short videos are viral among the consumers as they give them essential information in a matter of minutes. Most of the videos range from 30 seconds to just 75 seconds. There are also many publications who do videos less than 30 seconds and are reaping benefits by doing so.

With consumer’s attention span decreasing, it is practical to produce content that is engaging, fun and short.

3. Quality content

Quality content will be in more demand. Publications such as newspapers or magazines can no longer provide filler or low-quality content. The trend has always been there, but it will pick up more pace in the next year. Consumers are now very keen on learning if the content that they are watching is fake or not. If they found any disparity, they will leave without coming back for the 2nd time. The writing and approach also need to be authentic. In short, digital publishing outlets need to focus on content quality than ever before.

4. Mobile friendly content

Mobile has predominantly changed how we interact and access content. With more and more traffic coming from mobile devices, it is important for publications to push mobile-friendly content that reads not only good but also looks excellent. In short, they have to focus on creating a mobile-friendly structure that is user-friendly and ensure excellent user experience as well.

5. Personalized content

The last digital publishing trend that we could witness in 2019 is the continuation of improved personalized content. We now have the technology to personalize content according to a specific user, giving them what they want to read or consume. To do so, publications have to create user-persona and act accordingly. This will improve engagement and loyalty.


The upcoming year will see more publications take advantage of the digital revolution. So, what do you think about the trends that we can see in 2019? Comment below and let us know.

About the Author

Swati is CEO and Managing Partner at Asentech. She holds a Master's degree in Bio Statistics from Rutgers University. She has professional experience in primary research in Life Sciences, advance statistics in pharma brand marketing and advance modeling for Risk and Fraud detection. She was a part of core strategy group for growth opportunities at E&Y.