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The new normal

As the world continues to monitor the spread of Covid-19, industries of all kinds have had to rethink and transform their business operations, including Pharma.

They face the tough challenge of not just rethinking the traditional Sales Rep model beyond the Pandemic, but also during the Pandemic.

Webinars are Up

Across the board, all brands are using this time to virtually connect with their current and potential customers.

This includes virtual meetings through Zoom and many such similar platforms.

However, if you are Life Science Brand Marketer, you know that in order for you to leverage the virtual meetings platform for your brand, you have to navigate a series of complex internal controls including regulatory and Corporate IT teams.

Questions Facing the Life Science Brand Marketer

If you are a Pharma Brand Marketer with multiple brands in multiple geographies, launching a seemingly simple digital tactic is often complex.

Digital Teams are working with countries and brands to answer a series of questions:

  • What is the fastest way to capture HCP Consent? Where do we store HCP consents?
  • What is our MVP right now? How do we build something valuable now that we can build on and keep expanding on in future?
  • How do we navigate the double opt-in for some countries in the Post-GDPR world?
  • How do we build a framework that is flexible to accommodate different authentication services in different countries?
  • How do we navigate Corporate IT?
  • What third-party Webinar tool do we use?
  • How do we co-own the Opt-in and registration data with the webinar platform to enable analytics and measurement to inform future touch points?
  • How do I make customer experience seamless?

What is next?

As we navigate these questions with our clients, we are co-creating and adapting solutions to their needs.
But this is just a foundational step to rethink engagement in current and post-Pandemic world. The next step is truly understanding HCP needs.

And helping them take better care of their patients.
If you are a Life Science Marketer that needs digital enablement support to re imagine your customer engagement operations, we can help.

We have deep expertise in bridging the gap between brand needs and Corporate IT governance structures.

Please send an email to info@asentechllc.com for a free consult and discounted pricing structure in solidarity & support of all people impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

About the Author

Rajesh is a Principal, Technology and solutions at Asentech. He has more than 20 years of experience in providing solutions in various domains such as healthcare, pharma, insurance, energy and Engineering. Rajesh is a skilled business and technology strategist with a focus on envisioning and implementing innovative solutions in healthcare and pharma domains.