You can now with the help of Solr, add or remove the default WordPress Search…

Why install Solr plugin to WordPress?

It is a standalone search server, which overpowers the boundaries of the default search widget in the WordPress. By aligning Solr and installing this interesting plugin to your WordPress, you can take benefit of its several advantages. Here are a few reasons that will help you know why we are recommending it to be a part of your WordPress.

We at Asentech recommends solr search for all our customers and help them to make their site advance search compatible.

  • It will help with index pages as well as posts for faster search.
  • With the help of Solr, you can enable faceted search on fields like tags, categories, page type, and author.
  • You can use plugin for indexing and faceting on fields either normal or custom.
  • Solr configuration options will help you choose the pages that you want to ignore, any features that you want to enable or disable, as well as what type of results you want to have as the output.
  • With the help of available plugins on wordpress, you can sort the things based in the time and number of reviews and comments.
  • Use it to highlighted context snippets as well as you will also get the spelling suggestions.
  • The auto-complete suggestions for concluding user questions is also very helpful in this plugin as it offers a suggestion to the queries.
  • Last but not the least, it can reduce database load if we take advantages of solr.

These are just a few reasons that Solr should be a part of your WordPress settings.

Single sign-on

Single Sign-On is authentication process, which allows end user logs into one application and he/she will be automatically signed into every other application. The popular example is Google, which is used in our daily life. Google implements SSO for their products: Gmail, Google +, YouTube, Analytics, etc. When you turn on your computer and access Gmail, you log in for the first time.

Key benefits of implementing SSO with WordPress and any third party site

Increase Customer Engagement: With powerful blogging, WordPress has another strong feature as the community platform, with this great feature of WordPress increases your customer engagement on your any other site, vice versa you can also bring customers from any third party sites to your site if you provides single sign on feature on your wordpress site.

Remove the need for your customer to remember and manage multiple passwords.

Reduce Re-registration: Reducing time spent for your customer registration and login for the same identity.

There is the various plugins available for Single Sign-On with the different approach. WordPress can be integrated with Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github or OpenSocial accounts,, Magento, etc.

Automated email marketing

Email marketing plays a vital role in any business or blog. For many site builders, the ultimate goal is to reach as many viewers as possible. By optimizing your website for lead capture, you can make this process as inviting and smooth as possible for your audience.


We at Asentech had provided our customers seamless integration of these email marketing tools within their WordPress sites.

About the Author

Hemant is a Technical Architect and CMS expert with 12 years of experience in designing and developing applications in Wordpress. He is an expert in PHP, Wordpress, Zend Framework, Magento. He has played a phenominal role in migrating various CMS applications to Wordpress for multiple clients at Asentech.