We are living in a digital era where we are surrounded by electronic devices that help us in our daily lives. Amazon is at the forefront of the innovation and has their own set of Echo home systems. If you are using Echo home devices, you should know how useful Alexa can be. However, it has one adverse effect. It makes us lazy and does things without moving a muscle.

For example, “Alexa turn off lights” command is all you need to turn off lights. That’s just one example, and you can virtually control every electronics that is connected to your automated home system. But, you can also use Alexa to keep yourself fit.

In this article, we will be listing skills in Alexa that will help you stay fit. It is a powerful device that lets you do more than control a few electronic devices. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Skills in Alexa that can help you stay fit

1. Breathe

Breathing exercise is one of the most basic ways of staying fit. If you breathe properly, you can help improve your overall health. Alexa can help you in the quest of breathing by acting as a breathing coach. It can help you guide through 5-minute breathing sessions. You can do it multiple times to improve its effectiveness. This will let you relax and keep your mental state calm.

So, how can you let Alexa know that you ready for the breathing exercise? You just need to say any of the following terms loudly.

  • Alexa, start deep breathing.
  • Alexa, ask deep breathing to breathe with me
  • Alexa, ask deep breathing for the breathing exercise.

2. 7-Minute Workout

Alexa can also help you to execute the 7-minute workout. It can improve your energy, increase metabolism and lower stress. Moreover, it can also help you reduce excess fat from your body. The method is scientifically proven, and hence we recommend you to use it with Alexa.

To start the exercise, you need to use the phrase, “Start 7-Minute Workout.” Once done, Alexa will guide you. You can also take a break and schedule Alexa for your next exercise

3. Yoga Trainer

If you want a companion that can help you do Yoga, you can ask Alexa! Alexa lets you guide through Yoga routine by providing help through 26 essential postures. By doing Yoga, you will improve your balance and core strength.

You can start Yoga by using any of the following commands.

  • Alexa, ask Yoga Trainer for the next pose
  • Alexa, ask Yoga Trainer for a teacher near me
  • Alexa, ask Yoga Trainer to start a new session

By using any of the above commands, you can turn on the app and start doing Yoga.

4. Ambient Noise

Ambient Noise can impact your mood and change how you feel. You can ask Alexa to start ambient noise such as the thunderstorm sound or better rainfall. This can help you keep calm and enjoy mindfulness.


There are hundreds of other skills that you can use to improve your health and stay fit. If you think, we missed an important one, then don’t forget to comment below and let us know. We are listening!

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