Social influencers are slowly capturing the attention of marketers. They have established players in a specific industry and provide a way to engage a large audience through channel-based marketing. Social influencers depend heavily on influence and their name in that specific field.

In this article, we will be learning about the rise of social influencers and try to understand their real value.

The Rise of Social Influencers and Their Real Value

Social influencers were all about celebrities in the past, but with the growth of the internet, now normal people are slowly gaining the tag of social influencers. The only prerequisite is having a good number of followers and the ability to capture audience imagination.

So, what does this mean for brands? Brands can make use of these social influencers and improve their brand reach. The social influencers can merely market the brand to their audience, persuading them to buy them or at least enhance its chances to be marketed. Here the social influencers act as the lead and make sure that the product reaches as much audience as possible.

Social influencers are extremely popular among brands. Forbes in 2017 reported that 84% of the brands are in talks with social influencers and would like to use them in the next 12 months.

Does all of these mean that they offer “real value”?

The answer is not clear. Right now, marketers have not been able to find out their clear impact. Even a medium post reveals that 30% of the consumers will buy a brand from a non-celebrity blogger rather than a celebrity one.

The unclear statistics, however, don’t deter the brands. One such example includes the L’Oreal’s Beauty Squads. They are a group of social influencers, i.e., celebrities that are used to run their “Yours Truly” campaign. The campaign was a success as they deliver their message both through the use of micro and macro influencers. The final views? 1.5 million on YouTube.

What’s the real value?

Social influencers are still growing, and it is mainly used as a sub-strategy for brands to improve their brand presence or influence growth. The bottom line is that brands are not sure what benefits they truly want from the use of social influencers. Their impact has not been completely understood, and brands are more than happy to see their brand reach audience.

The cost of getting access to a high profile social influencer is no joke. It takes a good amount of investment to get the whole campaign up and running. To make it happen, brands need to increase their budgets significantly. However, there are some benefits to using social influences. For example, they generate high quality of customers that are more loyal to brands. Some blogs
also report that ROI from influencers market is significant to be considered. The only condition is to execute the influencer campaign strategically.

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