Sound strategy is the foundation of every business success. Asentech offers a range of consulting services designed to help companies in the life sciences and B2B industries apply technology solutions to increase business volume and profits.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

A marketing strategy explains how your tactics will achieve your objectives. It is the “why” behind the “how, when, where, and who” of your marketing tactics. Because strategy is necessarily a prerequisite for action, Asentech will always articulate the strategy behind every activity we undertake for clients. Random successes are always possible, but not something we count on.

Campaign Strategy Consulting

We relish the opportunity to design and conduct marketing campaigns that overcome our clients’ toughest marketing challenges. Our ability to do this is evident in our long history — reaching back more than a decade — including great customer success stories and references.

Technology Strategy Consulting

A superior technical strategy comes from asking the right questions, knowing the applicable technology, and correctly understanding customer pain points. Asentech excels at this because of our singular industry focus, long experience, and unique hybrid skillset encompassing advanced digital technology and 21st Century marketing innovation.