Business Opportunity / Problem

Focused on an M&A growth strategy, New Bay Media was in the process of acquiring 20+ publications from five publishers. The key challenge was around technology integration since the acquired publishers all operated on different technology stacks — i.e., Microsoft, LAMP, and different CMS systems. This divergence prevented New Bay Media from achieving the desired efficiencies from the acquisitions. Hence, the company needed a new infrastructure so it could onboard new publications into its portfolio seamlessly regardless of whether the acquired publications used different CMS systems, different webinar system, different circulation management systems, or whatever.


Asentech undertook a comprehensive requirement review and identified two open source CMS systems (Drupal and DNN) as core platforms. We then developed and implemented core frameworks incorporating both a reusable component library and the capacity for extensive customization at a publication level. Finally, for each acquired publication we migrated the title in a phased manner to the new unified enterprise infrastructure.


Overtime, our client was able to significantly reduce spend on technology maintenance. The teams had homogeneous skill sets allowing our clients to address their scale challenge and achieve better business continuity planning.