Business Opportunity / Problem

While operating nine publications on its hosted CMS, Edgell Communications experienced significant operational limitations and failures, resulting in business continuity risk and severe revenue and opportunity losses. Edgell wanted to share relevant content across titles; it wanted visitors to have a single personalized portal through which to access any of its publications; and it wanted a 360˚ view of visitor and advertiser activity, both historically and in real time. Among other challenges, this would require covertly migrating Edgell’s content from the existing host.


Asentech developed custom scripts to pull Edgell’s data from the legacy host. We ported the data to a made-to-order, robust, and scalable architecture we developed on a .NET CMS platform (Kentico), including interfaces to Edgell’s CRM and circulation systems. As a result, Edgell significantly reduced business continuity risk. It also gained the ability to easily share content across titles, give visitors a personalized portal encompassing all its publications.


This upgrade to a personalized portal for its users encompassing all its publications allowed Edgell to increase its user engagement. The tracking of user behavior across multiple sites allowed them to generate greater revenue opportunities with their advertisers base.