Today’s healthcare market is a fog of information that confounds patients, healthcare providers, and life science companies alike. We are a full-service IT solutions provider that speaks the language of healthcare marketing. We cut through the fog. We understand healthcare value chains. We’re well versed in industry trends — like the shift from in-person selling to digital marketing through webinars, email, web portals, and mobile apps. And we are up to speed on the regulatory issues. Whether it’s digitization of your customer experience, gaining market intelligence, or broadening your go-to-market opportunities, consider Asentech as the IT solution to your marketing challenges.

Our Experience

We digitize interactions with your customers

We employ a team of designers and technologists to help brand teams / agencies design and / or build effective interactions with their customers. We have engaged with brands across their stakeholder needs to build:
  • Patient savings portals (Integration with copay processors, patient and HCP enrollment)
  • Buy and bill portals (claim submission and processing of copay savings)
  • E-commerce portals (Integration with Big commerce and others, product management and seamless customer experience)
  • HCP Education portals (with sample fulfillment, Learning systems and copay savings)
  • Clinical trial portals (Integration with clinical trial results syndicators)
  • Market Access & Business Intelligence portals (Integration with formulary and Payer / Health plan data)

We drive engagement opportunities with your customers by building and executing on your marketing automation strategy

We employ a team of technologists and campaign managers to stay contextual and relevant to their customers. We have engaged with brands to build and manage:
  • Centralized leads database across their marketing activities
  • Leads segmentation
  • Email marketing and website tracking
  • Analytics and Reporting
We use Eloqua, Marketo, Campaign monitor, Exact target and several other tools to integrate with your CRM

We generate insights for better engagement with your customers

We employ a team of research professionals to:
  • Map patient journey from diagnosis, treatment evaluation to disease free / living with the condition
  • Identify knowledge needs and gaps across key points in this journey
  • Provide input to messaging for campaigns
  • Conduct analytics on messaging effectiveness