Business Opportunity / Problem

PSKW, now part of ConnectiveRx, operated a copay card service to pharmaceutical companies looking to increase sales by offering discounts to customers who might otherwise choose a different brand were it not for the discounts. The challenge for PSKW was the amount of time and effort spent fielding clients’ requests for analytical reports on copay program performance — i.e., were these pharmas targeting the right customers, were they offering the right discounts, how could program ROI be maximized, etc. These constant requests were putting a significant strain on PKSW’s small analytics team, leading to a backlog of reports and ultimately lower client satisfaction.


We cataloged every standard and custom report the PSKW was providing to its clients and built a web application to automate this reporting. We also worked closely with PSKW’s analytics team to incorporate a modeling tool that enabled dynamic simulations against competitive products to provide evidence-based recommendations on how to maximize copay program ROI. Overall, the automation of this process helped our client save over a million dollars in operational budget over five years.


Our client was able to promote the use of this portal to the client solutions team within their company, which lead to a drastic reduction in the number of requests being sent to the Analytics team allowing them to shift their focus on higher strategic objectives.