Kinjal Sonpal

March 17, 2022 | Less than a minute

Kinjal is the head of the B2B Publishing Unit at Asentech focusing on digital services delivery to the Publishing industry. Kinjal drives the overall delivery through account management efforts, capability building, technical innovation, and delivery operations. He is also leading solution deliveries for few of the marquee life sciences clients at Asentech. His expertise lies in building long-term strategic road maps for the clients and effectively executing against such business objectives through technological expertise and digital strategy.

Kinjal has over 22 years of collective experience across publishing, life sciences, logistics, energy, IT consulting and training. Prior to joining Asentech, Kinjal helmed the office of IT Head for a large energy and logistics company, responsible for a complex rules-engine driven ERP implementation and a host of other industry-first automations. His technology expertise spans multiple server-side technology stacks, databases, ERP, CRM and IT services management.

Kinjal holds Master’s in Computer Applications as well as Financial Management with Bachelor’s in Information Technology. He also possesses certifications in Java and Network Security.