Business Opportunity / Problem

Ferring’s product, Cervidil, is the only FDA approved drug for inducing labor. Ferring wanted to raise awareness of Cervidil and its “My Birth Plan” program among pregnant women. The company had decided on email as its preferred outreach. Potential email opt-ins were sourced from Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and other social media channels with all contacts consolidated and managed coherently as a single pool with outbound content timed and tailored based on specific criteria. Those criteria included how far along a woman was in her pregnancy and how she responded to previous emails (e.g., click throughs)


Asentech created an automated email list generation process integrated with Ferring’s email service provider’s software. This custom designed and built process automatically sourced contacts’ information from the various external channels, segmented the contacts appropriately, and automatically generated the lists each time emails were sent.


Our solution allowed our client to create a single source of leads database generated across multiple tactics. The seamless integration of our database with third-party party partners and the email marketing tool allowed the client a “single” version of truth of Opt-ins and Opt-outs for their future campaigns.