Clichés typically become clichés because they are true. That’s certainly true in the case of “knowledge is power”. The more you know about how people perceive you — or about how your web properties perform — or about how you compare with your competitors, both in brand perception and online performance, the more power you have to succeed.

Social Media Research

Asentech has a unique approach to social media research that is more effective than conventional methods at getting at the truth. Conventional social media research relies on non-human tools to simply count the number of times selected keywords are used in selected media channels. Asentech instead applies a human-centered approach where our specially trained researchers personally examine social media channels and content. These professionals have actual life sciences backgrounds. They understand scientific language and can correctly interpret the meaning and context of online conversations, something that the current platforms struggle with.

Web Analytics

Asentech simplifies the daunting task of measuring the performance of your web properties. We measure and analyze key success factors like:
  • The volume of traffic from each source (e.g., video ads, banner ads, organic search keywords, paid search keywords)
  • What actions are visitors taking while on your site (and where)
  • Which parts of your site are most compelling in terms of click throughs, bounce rate, scroll time, scroll depth, and other measures
  • How often factors (e.g., scroll depth) trigger an event (e.g., chat box popup) that generate an intended action (e.g., customer chat)
  • And more . . .
Having an integrated view of your web properties’ performance is key when you are orchestrating a multitude of variables across multiple third-party vendors for services like banner ad distribution, video marketing, and pay-per-click. Based on our years of experience, we ask the right questions, translate “geek speak” into “business speak”, and perform as a true project manager. So you’re working with an actual business partner rather than a collection of technical specialists, each siloed into their own particular area of expertise.

Competitive Digital Research

Digital marketing never takes place in a vacuum. People will always compare you to your competitors and to your industry in general. That’s why companies do competitive digital marketing research: they want to have a benchmark to measure against, and they want to benefit from their competitors’ experience. Asentech’s competitive digital research looks at your competitors’ online activities to answer questions such as:
  • What tactics are competitors using (e.g., chat, VoIP, certain calls to action)?
  • How are they using them?
  • What is competitors’ volume of web traffic?
  • What are the sources of this traffic?
  • How much are competitors spending to get this traffic?
  • How many leads are they getting?
  • What is their cost per lead?
Companies benefit from this research by making better judgments about how to conduct themselves going forward. They can better answer questions like: How should they revise content? What about making new offers? How should they update their SEO? And so on. If you’d more insight on how to benefit from your competitors, talk to us.