Business Opportunity / Problem

Novartis was looking to switch from third party distribution for some of its specialty drugs in favor of selling directly to pharmacies and HCP offices. This required building a multi-brand support portal for patient enrollment and card generation (copay card and virtual debit card) to be used at specialty pharmacies and HCP offices. The portal would need to integrate with a number of internal and external service providers, including Novartis’ SAP inventory system, external logistics (e.g., UPS), and payment gateways (e.g., VISA, MasterCard). The portal would also require an intuitive front end user interface for easy access and use. Finally, the system would need to be scalable and extensible so that Novartis could easily add new customers, brands, functions, and integrations in the future.


Asentech designed and developed a custom SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based portal for use at pharmacies, HCP offices, and also as a central full-service customer service platform within Novartis itself. The portal featured a responsive design for easy mobile access, an SOA for scalability and extensibility, an intuitive user-friendly GUI, and seamless integrations to the designated external systems.


Our portal was used by Retail Pharmacies, Community Pharmacies, GPOs, HCP Offices and Sales Reps for ordering, tracking, reordering & invoice management of flu vaccines. We processed millions of transactions on the portal over our multi-year management contract. Throughout this period, we supported the business needs and provided support to Sales team to deliver a world-class customer experience.