Business Opportunity / Problem

A drug’s position in the formulary of a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) is one key factor in whether an HCP will prescribe that drug or a competitive product. Other factors include how often the HCP has previously prescribed the drug and how often the drug is prescribed generally in the HCP’s local area. Sanofi wanted a web-based tool that would show its sales teams a drug’s relative standing on these factors versus the competition so they could more effectively present Sanofi brands to HCPs.


Asentech developed MVC (model view controller) based web platform that empowers sales teams with practical analytics, decision support, and placement of competitive products relative to Sanofi’s own brands. It does this by taking into account the sales managers’ and directors’ decision-making process for each geography, drug, and payer combination. The tool thus helps sales teams gain a deeper, more sophisticated, and more actionable understanding of payer influences (like the drug’s PBM formulary position) on brand performance.


Our tool was used by the client’s sales teams across ranks and franchise teams to track payer environment for their and competitor products. The tool allowed the sales team to create tailored messages for the HCPs to persuade them to increase prescriptions for their brands.