Business Opportunity / Problem

Source Media is a B2B digital publisher that was looking to differentiate itself in a highly commoditized environment by way of a mobile portal tailored to how different audiences consume content at different times of the day. Its previous attempts at mobile outreach had resulted in very poor audience engagement and adoption. Source Media also wanted to launch a mobile-only media kit in response to plummeting display ad prices and click through rates — the result of using the same media kit for both desktop and mobile.


Asentech performed a detailed analysis of Source Media’s audience engagement and traffic. Based on that analysis we implemented a new mobile-friendly portal and mobile-specific media kit — resulting in much higher engagement, click through rates, and display ad prices.


The client was very pleased with our recommendation of not launching a mobile app, which was the de facto recommendation of a lot of agencies. We instead focused on building a mobile and iPad responsive design. Not only were we able to save the client significant monies through our recommendation, this approach was also the more suited solution in the long term.