Business Opportunity / Problem

Mylan had 60 key digital properties, either marketing or corporate websites, serving multiple geographies. It wanted a unified portal and KPI framework to enable senior management to quickly understand in a highly visual and intuitive way how these digital properties were performing individually and collectively on a set of standard insightful metrics.


Asentech conducted a comprehensive study and review of all the digital assets to understand their KPIs, calls to action, and mission statements. In collaboration with each asset’s managers we identified standard metrics that provided insight into the performance of all the assets. We then we began a process where we would create standardized dashboards within five days every month providing customized insights across all 60 properties.


Our standardized reporting on web performance KPIs across the 60 geographies allowed our client’s leadership team to process information, which they were previously not able to wrap their arms around. With the help of this reporting, they were able to make quicker decisions around further optimization of their digital spend.