Social Listening

Innovate at the speed of customer insights

Knowledge is power. And the more you learn about how people perceive your brand and how you compare with your competitors, the more power you have to make the right decisions and achieve organizational success.

At Asentech, we help brands conduct research, both in brand perception and online performance. We help companies constantly evolve, innovate and build winning systems from authentic consumer voices. As you increase your digital presence, we help you activate your marketing with consumer intelligence to get your brand in the hands of people who want it the most.

Our Expertise

See the world as your consumers do

Every day, worldwide, several of your customers and prospects have conversations online where they reveal their goals, challenges, pain points, and objections to your solutions. Listening to these conversations will allow you to reshape your offerings to suit them better and reduce friction.

We help you combine the best technology and human-led analysis to unlock deep-rooted insights by listening to your consumers’ conversations on social media. Our clients rely on us to step beyond traditional brand-oriented listening and extract insight from broader categories and cultural topics.

Generate insights to inform cross-functional initiatives

A superior technical strategy comes from asking the right questions, knowing the applicable technology, and correctly understanding customer pain points. In addition, tapping into industry-leading insights regarding customer experiences to create financial value and identify gaps against your peers requires the right mixture of expertise and experiments.

Asentech excels at this because of our narrow industry focus, deep experience, and unique hybrid skillset encompassing advanced digital technology and 21st-century marketing innovation.

Seize a bigger piece of the share of voice pie

Life sciences organizations and B2B publishers need to stay on top of their brand’s health, campaigns, and competitors to dominate the share of voice in their industry in a relevant, impactful, and positive way.

Asentech can help you achieve this by uncovering how consumers feel about your competitors, identify industry gaps, and leverage opportunities to differentiate your business. In addition, we work closely with top-performing organizations and help them gain an excess share of voice, which they can then translate into increased market share.

Include your customer's voice to inform your business strategy

Don’t just use social listening to better understand the conversations about your brand in the digital space. Instead, add social insights into the overall brand strategy by monitoring products, services, and customer sentiment about the industry as a whole.

We can show you how to use those insights to make data-backed recommendations and improvements in your marketing and organization. Data-backed strategies formed this way will allow you to leave your competitors behind in capturing the attention of your consumers and decreasing their time to convert.

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Uncover insights from social media dialogues for informed brand strategy. Overcome limitations with strategic social listening and human expertise.

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