Case Study

Pharma Innovators' Guide: Right-Sizing Omnichannel Capabilities with Asentech's CoE for Agile Transformation and Customer-Centric Innovation

Built to Fit - Built to Scale

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Executive Summary

We provided our client, a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, with a series of omnichannel marketing capabilities that paralleled their needs as they evolved from a successful first product launch to a robust CoE for integrated marketing and sales operations.


Asentech partnered with a leading global pharmaceutical company, aiming to take a transformative approach to market entry and product launch by implementing an omnichannel-first strategy. Faced with numerous challenges in a crowded category, including constraints on rep access and SG&A pressure, they wanted to ensure their products and services were comparable to, or better than, those of more established manufacturers. They intended to adopt a “rep-lite” model and then evolve to integrated omnichannel capabilities to maximize their return on investment.

Business Need

Within a launch context, the client's product delivered significant advantages compared to incumbent players. It was a ready-to-administer solution that was faster and more cost-effective, aimed at oncologists and urologists who faced administrative burdens and financial constraints. These medical professionals needed patient support services and new tools to manage in-practice inventory, ensuring that their capital was not tied up in excess product.

Our client's marketing goals were well defined- launch the product with a robust inventory management system, expand outreach to healthcare practitioners (HCPs), patients, and related stakeholders, highlight the clinical, economic, and operational merits of their products, sustain a unified digital brand identity, and prioritize regulatory adherence and clarity in communication. To achieve their business goals, they needed a strategic partner that could help them navigate the nuances of omnichannel.

Asentech Solution

Following the Build to Fit - Build to Scale methodology, Asentech designed and deployed the right capabilities at the right time and scale. The methodology matched our client's planning needs and operational capabilities, which could be scaled up as required. More specifically, we provided:

Omnichannel Evolution Across Product Launch, Customer Engagement, and Multi-Product Commercial Operations
  • Developed a cohesive omnichannel strategy based upon a deep understanding of strategic priorities and conducting primary research into the HCP market.
  • Developed a custom web and app-based inventory management solution to enhance HCP practice management.
  • Created a personalized HCP website designed to meet information and operational needs; SEO and GA 360 were implemented for search visibility and to capture customer engagement metrics.
  • Activated a marketing automation platform to streamline campaign management and provide detailed analytics.
  • Established cross-functional partnerships with marketing, sales, managed markets, and other stakeholders to deploy key content assets and promotional campaigns across priority channels.
  • Deployed a new MLR process to ensure all assets met the established guidelines.

  • Designed an “Above Brand” strategy to drive greater awareness and provide on-demand opportunities to connect with more HCPs, plus MSLs and KOLs.
  • Deployed a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to centralize the data sources across channels and tactics, for a holistic view of customer interactions.
  • Initiated the ON24 platform alongside a custom portal to facilitate KOL recruitment, event registration and attendee management.
  • Activated Veeva RTE to enable reps to send 1:1 email to HCPs to drive engagement.
  • Implemented Veeva PromoMats to optimize workflows and enable MLR teams to review and approve content faster.

  • Developed scaled-up capabilities to enable additional product launches and engagement with new HCP specialties.
  • Executed and managed integrated campaigns across priority channels, including targeted ads, email marketing, and social media.
  • Facilitated innovation and experimentation to help identify new high-value services for HCP practices.
  • Implemented a second generation data analytics framework to measure channel effectiveness and enable data-driven decision making.
  • Shared best practices, integrated across marketing and sales, to drive consistency and efficiency.
  • Streamlined MLR team processes to ensure efficiency and regulatory compliance in all content and communications.
Results and Value Delivered

Over a short period of time Asentech delivered results and value including:

  • Building capabilities that enabled our client to rapidly and successfully launch their product in just under 4 months and achieve their launch and Rx goals.
  • Prioritizing essential capabilities at the beginning for efficiency; enhanced tools and services rolled out over the following year.
  • The partnership allowed the client's team to focus more on customer engagement while Asentech provided the omnichannel infrastructure and other operational requirements. This facilitated a cohesive approach to connecting with HCPs nationwide and driving the adoption of newly launched products and therapies.
  • Asentech’s solutions enabled client's team to develop mature omnichannel capabilities through the CoE, developing a strategic blueprint for efficient future launches.

Asentech’s Build to Fit-Build to Scale methodology established a solid foundation for the client’s initial product and services launch and then paved the way for rapid expansion and financial success in a competitive market.