Case Study

Asentech Deploys “Build to Fit – Build to Scale” Omnichannel Strategy for Global Pharma Brand

Built to Fit - Built to Scale

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Faced with launching a new product in a competitive market, and amid rising operational costs and limited access to sales reps, our client decided to shift to a rep-lite model augmented by an omnichannel marketing strategy. There was a catch: They had to launch their new product in four months while also ensuring that their HCP and patient support services were as good as or better than those offered by established competitors.

To craft a successful launch while setting the stage for future expansion and new product introductions, our client needed to start with a unique and differentiated experience for HCPs and practice staff. They decided that a more futuristic inventory management system would help establish them as a formidable contender in this therapeutic space. They also had to focus on building enterprise capabilities that would enable them to broaden their outreach to healthcare professionals, patients, and other key stakeholders, maintain a consistent digital brand identity, and meet regulatory requirements.

The client's product offered significant benefits over existing options. It provided a ready-to-administer solution that was both quicker and more cost-effective, targeting oncologists and urologists burdened by administrative challenges and financial limitations. These professionals required patient support services and innovative tools to efficiently manage the post-prescription journey both for the patients and HCP offices.

3-Phase “Build to Fit - Build to Scale” Process

To showcase the advantages of the new product while addressing the needs of healthcare professionals for innovative tools and patient support services, we initiated our three-phase "Build to Fit - Build to Scale" plan. This approach is tailored to align with the client's planning requirements and operational capacities, allowing for scaling up as necessary.

Omnichannel Evolution Across Product Launch, Customer Engagement, and Multi-Product Commercial Operations

Overview of Project Phases

Phase Key Activities
Build to Fit (Phase 1): Foundation for Fast Launch
  • Omnichannel development based on strategic priorities and HCP market research.
  • Custom web and app-based inventory management solution.
  • Personalized HCP website with SEO and GA 360 for visibility and engagement metrics.
  • Marketing automation for streamlined campaign management.
  • Cross-functional partnerships for content and promotional campaign deployment.
  • New MLR process for asset compliance.
Build to Fit (Phase 2): Expanded Engagement Post-Launch
  • "Above Brand" approach to increase awareness and flexible HCP engagement.
  • Deployment of a Customer Data Platform for unified data view.
  • ON24 platform with a custom portal for KOL recruitment and event management.
  • Veeva RTE activation for personalized HCP emails.
  • Implementation of Veeva PromoMats for faster content review and approval.
Build to Scale (Phase 3): Center of Excellence (CoE) for Continuous Marketing Planning and Operations
  • Enhanced capabilities for additional product launches and new HCP specialties engagement.
  • Managed integrated campaigns across priority channels including ads, email, and social media.
  • Innovation and experimentation to identify high-value services for HCP practices.
  • Advanced data analytics framework for measuring channel effectiveness and enabling data-driven decisions.
  • Best practices sharing and integration across marketing and sales for consistency and efficiency.
  • Streamlined MLR processes for regulatory compliance and efficiency.

Key Achievements of Digital Transformation

With the right infrastructure and operations management support, our client quickly saw significant results.

  • Swift and Effective Product Launch: A well-structured approach enabled a successful product launch that met all initial goals within just four months.
  • Efficient Progression: Starting with key capabilities for maximum efficiency, the rollout continued with advanced tools and services over the following year, supporting ongoing success.
  • Enhanced Focus on Engagement: With the operational and infrastructural support managed externally, our client could concentrate fully on engaging with healthcare professionals.
  • Future Expansion Preparedness: Our client is now well-prepared with mature omnichannel capabilities, creating a blueprint for efficiently launching and expanding future products.

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