Case Study

Asentech Enables Data-Driven Customer Experience (CX) with Salesforce Identity Management Solution

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Asentech's helped to transform our client's approach to engaging with Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). Previously, the challenge was to accurately identify HCPs across various systems hindered the ability to personalize interactions, which led to sub-optimal engagement. Our solution addressed this business need by providing a unified platform with complete and dependable HCP profiles, as well as a strong Identity and Consent Management system.


Due to a recent merger our client was unable to accurately identify HCPs across different systems. This prevented dynamic personalization and led to low engagement. Asentech unified the HCP identity data across systems, enabling accurate and complete customer profiles, and delivering a new level of data-driven personalization.

Business Need

To meet their business objectives, the client required a single platform with accurate and consistent HCP profiles. This enabled Identity Management to be connected to a centralized Consent Management System. Once connected, the client would be in compliance with local regulations and global policies, plus have flexible integration capabilities to interface with their various platforms and mobile apps. They also wanted to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing communications and field sales by enhancing their omnichannel capability.


To shape the solution from start to finish, Asentech helped:

  • Identify issues and core functionality requirements for Customer Master Data, Identity, and Consent Management through our research and design approach. Our research revealed both companies lacked customer master data management and unique customer identification for their 4 million combined HCP customer records. Also, they were at high risk of noncompliance due to decentralized consent management.
  • Build a Global Customer Identification Model to support the unique needs of each market. More than 900 data variables were analyzed, and only 75 data elements were used to create an optimized global model that allows for localization flexibility and scale. The model was pressure-tested in markets like the US, Germany, China, and Brazil.
  • Develop a Level 3 Global Consent Model in their Salesforce platform leveraging SFID with limited customer data attributes, a strict regulatory environment, and a conservative data and content customization approach
  • Implement a Customer Master Data Management system using a global fuzzy logic record matching data de-duplication algorithm. This algorithm works in all countries without any need for localization. Additionally, we helped to improve the SFID Match API to meet country-specific requirements while providing centralized global capability.
Benefits Delivered
  • Enabled personalized customer experiences, through accurate profiles and attribute data that drove the next level of HCP engagement.
  • Captured experience and journey data to help optimize future experience changes.
  • Ensured compliant communication, deployed in over 50 prioritized countries in 18 months.
  • Harmonized the ~4MM Customer Identity Records to remove 45% of duplication.
  • Created bi-directional interfaces with multiple Veeva CRM, Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), HCP Portals, and Webinar Platforms.
  • Salesforce Evangelist Services have endorsed our approach and have recommended it as a future model for SFID implementations.
  • Ensured business continuity with zero disruption to the client's business.
  • Supported market-level localization needs with minimal coding through a template approach.
  • Eliminated the risk of non-compliance to local regulations with high visibility across systems.